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Admin-Clerical Miscellaneous Full time

Skills & Abilities

* Ability to speak clearly and in a professional matter in English and Spanish.
* Experience in volunteer translation services
* Proficient in working with translators/interpreters due to time abroad.
* Executive Security public relations training
* Experience training new personnel on complex procedure.
* Given autonomy and discretion of a small workforce on extended work trips to NATO aligned nations' military facilities.
* Successfully planned and led simulated combat scenarios to provide realistic training environments.
* Regularly placed in charge of Parachute equipment issuing and distribution prior to military parachute operations.
* Varied experience in real world emergencies including medical and criminal cases.
* Experience in workplace violence prevention and awareness.
* Executive Security training stalker response and intervention

Work Experience

SECURAMERICA Dec 2019 - Oct 2020

My responsibilities at Securamerica revolved around the standardized equipment provided to each security site and the maintaining of records of issue. Most of my work was done on site in Asheville though I regularly traveled to neighboring areas for information review and inventory. My daily duties consisted of electronic auditing of internal inventory reports provided by site supervisors, receiving and issuing of new or replacement equipment, and writing up equipment feedback and recommendations.

Parachute Rigger
Army Jan 2017 - Jan 2019

2017 -2019
As a parachute rigger I was trained to maintain, repair, pack and jump the Army's two main parachute systems though the scope of my responsibilities became broader with my assignment to the 1st battalion 10th special forces group. There our small personnel pool required me to take up duties that were normally reserved for someone two ranks above me with my responsibilities only growing from there. While there I was placed as section leader for our bottled oxygen section running testing, cleaning, and refilling of vital breathing apparatuses for high altitude missions. I was also regularly pulled for international missions in cooperation with allied nations and militaries as part of my unit's regular duties
This included supply runs, facility inspections, equipment transfers, and public relations.

P AND G SERVICES Aug 2022 - Present

In my current role I fill in at monitoring stations and exterior posts in various North Carolina correctional facilities due to staff shortages. This role has allowed me to become familiar with North Carolina state law as well as inner workings and procedure of several separately runned facilities in order to fill in as needed once again. I do have a home site here in Asheville but regularly travel to eastern region facilities in North Carolina.

JCPENNY Jan 2021 - Sep 2021

Here most of my work was remote monitoring of security systems and reporting incidents of theft. I had a physical office at the Asheville JCPenney site though I monitored 4 sites via remote access and processed video evidence of theft along with employee statements into concise reports to later be given to law enforcement. I was then and am currently a certified North Carolina security officer as such I was able to and asked to intervene when necessary, in situations arising at the Asheville site.


High School Diploma
Erwin High School
Associates in Business - Business administration and management
University of Maine